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Advanced SEO Course Structure:

SEO TopicSubtopic
Introduction to SEOWhat is SEO? Importance of SEO & History of SEO
On-Page OptimizationKeyword research,Title tags and meta descriptions,Heading tags & URL structure
On-Page OptimizationImage optimization,Internal linking,Content optimization and User experience optimization
Off-Page OptimizationLink building fundamentals,Types of backlinks,Guest posting and Social media for SEO
Technical SEOSite speed optimization,Mobile optimization,Schema markup and XML sitemaps
Local SEOGoogle My Business optimization,Local citation building and Local keyword research
SEO ToolsGoogle Analytics,Google Search Console,SEMrush/Moz and Ahrefs
Content Marketing for SEOContent strategy development,Blogging best practices and Content promotion strategies
SEO for E-commerceProduct page optimization,Category page optimization and E-commerce SEO tools and techniques
Advanced SEO TechniquesVoice search optimization,Video SEO and SEO for featured snippets
SEO Case StudiesAnalyzing successful SEO campaigns,Identifying SEO pitfalls and Real-world application of SEO strategies
Final Project and ReviewStudents work on an SEO project,Presentations and Course review and Q&A
This is a summary of the syllabus, and we will provide more in-depth content once you enroll in our SEO course

SEO Course Practical :

  • Learn how to conduct effective keyword research.
  • Implement on-page optimization techniques.
  • Understand and practice off-page optimization strategies.
  • Implement technical SEO best practices.
  • Implement local SEO strategies for businesses.
  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Familiarize with popular SEO tools and their usage.
  • Case Studies and Analysis
  • Apply learned SEO skills to a practical project.
  • Final Review and Q&A

As per NIPM,Each practical session would be involve hands-on activities, assignments, and discussions to reinforce learning and ensure students can apply the concepts in real-world scenario.

SEO Training From NIPM:

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SEO Course Vs Advanced SEO Course

SEO CourseAdvanced SEO Course
Curriculum Focus:

Introduction to SEO principles and concepts.
Basic keyword research techniques.
On-page optimization fundamentals.
Off-page optimization basics.
Basic understanding of technical SEO.
Entry-level understanding of SEO tools and analytics.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding the importance of SEO in digital marketing.
Familiarity with basic SEO terminology and concepts.
Ability to conduct basic keyword research.
Knowledge of on-page optimization best practices.
Introduction to link building strategies.
Basic proficiency in using SEO tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
Curriculum Focus:

Advanced keyword research techniques and analysis.
In-depth understanding of technical SEO concepts.
Advanced on-page optimization strategies.
Sophisticated off-page optimization techniques.
Mastery of SEO tools and analytics platforms.
Specialized topics such as local SEO, mobile SEO, and e-commerce SEO.
Advanced content marketing strategies for SEO.
Exploration of emerging trends and technologies in SEO.

Learning Objectives:

Mastery of advanced SEO techniques and methodologies.
Ability to perform comprehensive keyword research and analysis.
Proficiency in technical SEO, including website architecture and schema markup.
Advanced understanding of on-page and off-page optimization strategies.
Expertise in leveraging SEO tools and analytics for data-driven decision-making.
Capability to develop and execute advanced SEO campaigns.
Preparedness to address complex SEO challenges and adapt to evolving industry trends.

SEO fees:

  • INR.32,000 + Taxes

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